ElcomSafe: The Game

ElcomSafe: the only dedicated cryptographic word guessing game!

Interested in cryptography and password recovery? Want to challenge your skills and knowledge? ElcomSafe is your game! It’s a perfect test for the pros and a great challenge for the newbies.


In ElcomSafe, you’ll be working to open a safe protected with a strong password that you’ll have to guess. The safe is locked with a dictionary word related to encryption and password security. You’ll face a number of empty cells. Each cell corresponds to a letter in a word. Pick letters from the alphabet displayed in the form of a safe lock. Choose wisely: every wrong guess reduces the number of tries you have left. After a successful attempt to guess the word, you will see an explanation of the term.


While plying the game, you’ll be awarded with achievements and granted certificates according to your skills. Achievements for solving the riddle quickly, successfully unlocking the safe several times in a raw, or guessing one of the difficult words will be granted. Your certificates will be personalized and stored in your game account. Try now and challenge your knowledge of IT security!


  • More than 200 professional terms related to password security and encryption
  • Word categories from easy to hard
  • Personal certificates to share with friends or in social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Expands your cryptographic vocabulary
  • Slick, elegant design with gentle background music helping to relax and concentrate

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and win this game!