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30 November, 2023Elcomsoft Introduces the Linux Edition of its Forensic iOS Extraction Tool
14 July, 2023Elcomsoft Streamlines On-the-Spot Analysis with Bootable Forensic Tools
30 June, 2023Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.30 adds low-level extraction support to iOS 16 through 16.3.1 on recent Apple devices
30 March, 2023Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.20 expands low-level extraction support to iOS 16.1.2 on recent Apple devices
22 September, 2022Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.0 brings forensically-sound checkm8 extraction for select iPhone & iPad models
16 August, 2022Elcomsoft Breaks Windows Hello PIN Codes, Attacks LUKS2 Encryption
21 June, 2022ElcomSoft Brings Forensically Sound checkm8 Extraction to iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV
29 April, 2022ElcomSoft Introduces iPhone 13 File System Extraction Support
23 March, 2022Elcomsoft System Recovery 8.20: Bootable Forensic Tools and Windows 11 Support
10 February, 2022ElcomSoft Brings Repeatable, Forensically Sound checkm8 Extraction to iPhone 8, iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3
16 November, 2021Elcomsoft Brings Repeatable, Forensically Sound Extraction and iOS 15 Support to Select iPhone Models
4 November, 2021Elcomsoft System Recovery Introduces Write-Blocking, Digitally Signed Disk Imaging
26 October, 2021Elcomsoft Downloads iCloud Data Without a Password, Uses Trusted Device Authentication
17 June, 2021Elcomsoft System Recovery Update Simplifies Digital Field Triage
3 June, 2021Elcomsoft Breaks the Latest Version of VeraCrypt
19 May, 2021Elcomsoft Adds Forensically Sound Checkm8 Extraction for Select iPhone Models
13 April, 2021Elcomsoft Blog: 12 years of blogging about password breaking, mobile & cloud forensics
18 March, 2021Elcomsoft Delivers Forensic Extraction of iOS 14, iPhone 12 Devices Without a Jailbreak
17 December, 2020Elcomsoft Doubles Password Recovery Speeds with NVIDIA Ampere, Breaks Jetico BestCrypt Containers
23 November, 2020Elcomsoft System Recovery: a Swiss Army Knife of Desktop Forensics
20 October, 2020Elcomsoft Helps Investigators Access Evidence in Encrypted Virtual Machines, Adds Rule Editor
18 August, 2020ElcomSoft Breaks LUKS Encryption
30 June, 2020Elcomsoft Introduces BitLocker Support, Enables Instant Access to Locked Accounts
29 June, 2020Elcomsoft Certified: Digital Forensics Trainings and Trainer Certification Programs
26 May, 2020Elcomsoft Delivers Forensically Sound Extraction without a Jailbreak for Current iPhone Models and iOS Releases
21 May, 2020Elcomsoft Provides Stronger Control over Privacy, Breaks Mozilla Firefox Master Passwords
29 April, 2020Elcomsoft Reveals Telegram Secret Chats from iPhone File System Images
2 April, 2020Elcomsoft Provides Forensic Access to Encrypted Disks
16 March, 2020Elcomsoft Introduces Cost-Saving Packages for Digital Forensics
20 February, 2020Elcomsoft Delivers Forensically Sound iPhone Extraction without a Jailbreak
18 February, 2020Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 2.30 Extracts Location, Health and Fitness Data from Google Fit
20 December, 2019Elcomsoft Implements BFU Keychain Extraction from Locked and Disabled iPhones
19 December, 2019Elcomsoft Extracts Skype Histories from Microsoft Account
3 December, 2019Elcomsoft Extracts Data from Locked iPhones with Unpatchable checkra1n Jailbreak
1 October, 2019Elcomsoft Extracts More Data from iCloud: Screen Time Passwords and Voice Memos
29 August, 2019Elcomsoft Reveals Screen Time Passwords, Decrypts Signal Conversations
25 April, 2019Elcomsoft Improves Full Disk Encryption Workflow, Allows Faster Access to Encrypted Evidence
22 February, 2019Elcomsoft Extracts Critical Evidence from iOS 12 Devices
29 November, 2018Elcomsoft Extracts Apple Health Data from iCloud
21 November, 2018Elcomsoft Extracts Data from Latest iPhones, Supports DFU and Recovery Modes
15 November, 2018Elcomsoft Decrypts Non-Text Content of iCloud Messages, Accesses Attached Photos, Media and Other Files
14 August, 2018Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery 4.0 with Automatic Dictionary Distribution and Intel GPU Acceleration
20 June, 2018Elcomsoft Decrypts Secrets from iPhone Devices and Extracts User Passwords
14 June, 2018ElcomSoft Decrypts iMessages in iCloud
7 June, 2018ElcomSoft Tool Helps Analyse Location Data from iOS Devices
29 May, 2018ElcomSoft Tool Extracts WhatsApp Business Data
17 May, 2018Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 2.10 Adds Google Drive Support with Passwordless Authentication
20 February, 2018Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 3.0 Extracts Critical Evidence from iOS 10.x and iOS 11 Devices
8 February, 2018Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 8.20 Extracts More Evidence from iCloud
31 January, 2018Forensic Disk Decryptor 2.0 Provides All-in-One Solution for Accessing Encrypted Volumes
25 January, 2018Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor Breaks Wi-Fi Networks by Targeting the Human Factor
24 January, 2018ElcomSoft Tool Extracts Android WhatsApp Backups from Google
23 November, 2017Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 2.0 Adds Google Prompt and FIDO Keys Support, Introduces the Mac Edition
2 November, 2017ElcomSoft Provides Password Recovery Solution for Quicken and QuickBooks
28 September, 2017Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 3.50 Adds iOS 11 Support, New Applications and Wi-Fi Plugins
21 September, 2017Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer Adds XLSX Export and Android Oreo Support, Downloads SMS Text Messages from Google Account
14 September, 2017Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 8.0 Adds Forensic Support for iOS 11 and New Apple Devices
22 August, 2017Elcomsoft Phone Breaker Extracts and Decrypts iCloud Keychain
10 August, 2017Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery Unlocks 1Password, KeePass, LastPass and Dashlane Vaults
20 July, 2017ElcomSoft Tool Decrypts WhatsApp iCloud Backups
13 July, 2017ElcomSoft breaks into legacy iPhones running iOS up to 9.3.4
22 June, 2017ElcomSoft Breaks into Windows 10 Devices, Provides Cloud Acquisition Solution
19 May, 2017Elcomsoft Recovers Deleted Notes from iCloud
26 April, 2017Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer Gets Ready for Android O, Extracts SMS Text Messages, Enhanced Location Data from Google Account
2 March, 2017Extracted Notifications Offer Valuable Insight for iOS Forensics
14 February, 2017ElcomSoft Goes After the Low-Hanging Fruit: Instantly Extracts Stored Passwords, Builds Custom Dictionaries for Faster Attacks
9 February, 2017Elcomsoft Recovers Deleted Safari History from iCloud
2 February, 2017ElcomSoft Adds Android Support to WhatsApp Acquisition Tool
26 January, 2017Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 2.20 Updated to Support iOS 10, iPhone 7/7Plus and macOS Sierra
21 December, 2016Elcomsoft Provides Real-Time Extraction of iPhone Calls, Contacts, Calendars and Web Browsing Activities
1 December, 2016Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor Enables Packet Sniffing for Generic Wi-Fi Adapters
17 November, 2016Apple Silently Uploads iPhone Call Logs to iCloud, ElcomSoft Releases Acquisition Tool
8 November, 2016Mobile Forensics: Not for Dummies
3 October, 2016Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer Supports Android 7.0, Downloads Call Logs and Wi-Fi Passwords
23 September, 2016ElcomSoft Discovers Security Weakness in iOS 10 Backups, Develops Exploit
22 September, 2016Elcomsoft Phone Breaker and Phone Viewer Updated with iOS 10 Support
25 August, 2016Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 6.0 Decrypts FileVault 2, Downloads iCloud Photos, Retrieves Apple ID Password
11 August, 2016Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit Adds Logical Acquisition, Supports Physical Acquisition of iOS 9.2-9.3.3
3 August, 2016Collecting Evidence from Google Accounts Gets Easier, Full Gmail and Reporting Support
26 July, 2016Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery Enhances MacOS Forensics, Adds Amazon EC2 Support, Breaks ZIP and RAR Archives Faster
23 June, 2016Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 2.20 Supports Albums and Encrypted iTunes Backups, Analyzes Web Activities
16 June, 2016Elcomsoft System Recovery Adds UEFI Support
18 March, 2016Elcomsoft System Recovery: Restores Access to Windows 10 Accounts, Adds Microsoft Account Support
4 March, 2016ElcomSoft Targets Windows 10 BitLocker, Instant Decryption of XTS-AES Volumes
22 December, 2015Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer: Forensic Acquisition of Google Accounts
25 November, 2015Acquire and Analyze Communications with Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp
18 November, 2015Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit: Physical Acquisition for 64-bit Devices and iOS 9 Support
11 November, 2015Elcomsoft Makes Exploring iOS 9 iCloud and Local Backups Easy
29 October, 2015Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 5.0 Adds Over-the-Air Acquisition of iOS 9 Devices
16 September, 2015Elcomsoft Password Digger Decrypts Mac OS Keychains
26 August, 2015Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle Offers All-in-One Smartphone Acquisition and Extraction
11 August, 2015Blackberry Password Keeper vs. 1Password: in a Crack or in Attack
19 May, 2015Elcomsoft Phone Viewer Receives an Important Update
28 April, 2015ElcomSoft Releases a Mac Version of Elcomsoft Phone Breaker
12 March, 2015Elcomsoft Phone Breaker Adds Apple iCloud Drive Support, Decrypts iCloud Backup Keychain
3 February, 2015Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Hardware Upgrades: Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery Makes Simultaneous Use of GPU Acceleration Units That Are Generations Apart, Adds GPU Accelerated ZIP/RAR Password Recovery
27 January, 2015Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit Adds Acquisition Support for iOS 8 Devices, Extracts Apple ID and Password
17 December, 2014Elcomsoft Phone Breaker Supports Latest Developments in iOS Security, Improves Acquisition Speed and Supports Latest Apple Hardware
12 December, 2014ElcomSoft Releases a Mobile Data Explorer
17 June, 2014ElcomSoft Breaks Into iCloud – No Password Required
8 May, 2014ElcomSoft Revamps Phone Password Breaker, Recovers BlackBerry 10 Backups and Extracts Windows Phone 8 Data from the Cloud
10 April, 2014ElcomSoft Adds OpenOffice and Hangul Office Support, Employs Social Engineering for Password Recovery
30 January, 2014ElcomSoft Gives iOS Forensics a Boost, Adds Physical Acquisition Support for iOS 7 Devices
3 October, 2013ElcomSoft Phone Password Breaker Adds Full iOS 7 Support
22 August, 2013ElcomSoft Speeds Up Phone Password Breaker, Enables Real-Time iCloud Recovery
17 July, 2013ElcomSoft Brings New Life to iOS Forensics, Adds Physical Acquisition Support for iPhone 5 and iPad 4
5 February, 2013ElcomSoft Breaks Passwords Faster with NVIDIA Tesla K20 Acceleration
20 December, 2012ElcomSoft Provides Forensic Access to Encrypted BitLocker, PGP and TrueCrypt Containers
26 September, 2012ElcomSoft Breaks Microsoft Office 2013 Passwords
17 July, 2012ElcomSoft and Pico Computing Demonstrate World's Fastest Password Cracking Solution
15 May, 2012ElcomSoft Discovers an Alternative Way of Accessing iPhone User Data, Provides Forensic Access to iCloud Backups
16 March, 2012ElcomSoft Analyzes 17 Smartphones’ Secure Password Managers, Finds No Security.
8 March, 2012ElcomSoft Adds AMD Radeon 7000 Series Support and New Wi-Fi Attacks Targeting the Human Factor
22 February, 2012ElcomSoft Discovers Most of Its Customers Want Stricter Security Policies but Won't Bother Changing Default Passwords.
9 February, 2012ElcomSoft Recovers iWork Passwords, Supports Apple Numbers, Pages, and Keynote Apps.
1 November, 2011ElcomSoft Updates iOS Forensic Toolkit with iOS 5 Support and Faster Acquisition Times.
29 September, 2011ElcomSoft Recovers BlackBerry Device Passwords.
30 August, 2011ElcomSoft Recovers Passwords to BlackBerry Password Keeper and BlackBerry Wallet.
1 August, 2011ElcomSoft Recovers Passwords to US Government-Certified BlackBerry PlayBook Backups.
25 July, 2011ElcomSoft All-In-One iOS Forensic Toolkit: Now with Keychain Decryption, Windows Support and iOS 4.3.4 Acquisition.
2 June, 2011ElcomSoft Releases a Free Facebook Password Recovery Tool.
24 May, 2011ElcomSoft Investigates iPhone Hardware Encryption, Provides Enhanced Forensic Access to Protected User Data.
19 May, 2011ElcomSoft Exposes Information Stored in BlackBerry Backups.
28 April, 2011ElcomSoft Discovers Vulnerability in Nikon’s Image Authentication System.
1 April, 2011ElcomSoft Employs Home Cloud Computing to Accelerate Password Recovery.
9 December, 2010ElcomSoft Updates Phone Password Breaker with New Features and Better Speed.
30 November, 2010Canon Original Data Security System Compromised: ElcomSoft Discovers Vulnerability.
11 November, 2010ElcomSoft Breaks Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome Passwords.
30 September, 2010ElcomSoft Breaks BlackBerry Backups.
23 September, 2010ElcomSoft Releases an All-in-One Wi-Fi Cracking Solution.
18 August, 2010ElcomSoft Updates Advanced Office Password Recovery with Forensic Technologies.
12 August, 2010ElcomSoft Recovers Sage PeachTree Accounting Passwords.
5 August, 2010ElcomSoft Recovers Stored Passwords in iPhone Devices.
8 July, 2010ElcomSoft Breaks Passwords Faster with NVIDIA Fermi Based Accelerators.
1 July, 2010ElcomSoft Reveals Internet Passwords.
21 June, 2010ElcomSoft Recovers Encrypted Backups to iPhone and iPod Touch Devices with iOS 4 Software Update.
16 March, 2010ElcomSoft Breaks Wi-Fi Passwords, Unlocks iPhone and iPod Backups Faster with New ATI Cards.
4 February, 2010ElcomSoft Enables Forensic Access to Encrypted iPhone and iPod Touch Backups.
14 October, 2009ElcomSoft Updates Distributed Password Recovery with Dictionary Attacks.
12 October, 2009ElcomSoft Surveys Corporate Users, Discovers Major Security Hole.
9 October, 2009ElcomSoft Breaks Wi-Fi Encryption Faster with GPU Acceleration.
23 April, 2009ElcomSoft Makes PGP® Disk Password Recovery Faster and More Affordable.
16 April, 2009Near-Instant Recovery of Password-Protected Excel Spreadsheets.
1 April, 2009ElcomSoft to Recover Passwords with a Tambourine.
26 February, 2009ElcomSoft Offers a Special Discount for Government Institutions.
15 January, 2009ElcomSoft Employs ATI and NVIDIA for Its Password Cracking Business.
26 November, 2008ElcomSoft Claims Adobe Acrobat 9 Is a Hundred Times Less Secure.
16 October, 2008ElcomSoft Utilizes NVIDIA Tesla Supercomputers for Password Recovery.
2 October, 2008Creating a New Reality: Cracking One Billion Passwords per Second.
16 September, 200840-bit Encryption Is Dead.
16 April, 2008Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery adds Multiprocessor/Multicore Support. Password recovery speed is enhanced by a factor of up to sixteen.
27 March, 2008Elcomsoft System Recovery supports Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1. Easily Access Your Locked-Up Windows Computer.
27 February, 2008Advanced EFS Data Recovery Breaks Vista and Windows Server 2008 Encryption.