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"Secure Password Managers" and "Military-Grade Encryption" on Smartphones: Oh, Really?.

Paper we will analyze applications designed to facilitate storing and management of passwords on mobile platforms, such as Apple iOS and BlackBerry. We will specifically focus our attention on the security of data at rest. We will show that many password keeper apps fail to provide claimed level of protection.

Open Sesame!.

The easy way to restore access passwords to files, applications and databases.

An effective approach to restoring system access in Windows.

The easy way to restore access passwords to files, applications and databases.

Proactive is better than reactive.

Testing password safety – a key to securing a corporate network.

Advantages and disadvantages of EFS and effective recovery of encrypted data

The easy way to restore access passwords to files, applications and databases.

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The easy way to restore access passwords to files, applications and databases.

Size does matter

Advantages of distributed password recovery.

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in the corporate information security environment.

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Qu’ils fonctionnent sous iOS ou Android, les smartphones collectent les données utilisateur. Et en la matière, Google devance nettement Apple, confirme à Sputnik un expert russe en cybersécurité. Est-il possible de nos jours de rester invisible? Que faire pour mieux se protéger? Explications.

Apple, Google: peut-on se cacher de «Big Brother»?

2 April, 2021Sputnik

D’après la société russe ElcomSoft, qui vient en aide aux autorités locales, la façon dont Apple protège les sauvegardes iOS cryptées rendent les appareils plus vulnérables à certains types d’attaques. En revanche, la méthode nécessite obligatoirement un accès physique à l’appareil pour déchiffrer le mot de passe.

ElcomSoft : iOS 11 rend les appareils plus vulnérables aux attaques

1 December,

Selon le blog d’un chercheur de l’éditeur russe Elcomsoft, Apple a effectué deux changements majeurs. En premier lieu, la firme a ajouté une étape cruciale dans le processus de transfert des données d’un smartphone à un ordinateur. Dans les versions précédentes d’iOS, l’iPhone demandait à l’utilisateur s’il faisait confiance à la machine sur laquelle il était branché. Si des agents de police ou des frontières mettaient la main sur un smartphone déverrouillé ou s’ils réussissaient à forcer l’utilisateur à leur donner l’accès, ils pouvaient alors répondre oui à la question et récupérer le contenu.

How Apple will strengthen the security of your data on iOS 11

12 September,


Cloud Forensics: Extracting Evidence from Apple and Google Accounts

23 April, 2020

In this webinar, you'll learn about cloud acquisition of Apple and Google accounts, what data can be extracted from the cloud during a forensic investigation and how. Тoday, cloud acquisition in most cases returns overwhelmingly more data than other data acquisition methods. Apple and Google accounts store media files like photos, videos, screenshots in iCloud Photo Library or Google Photos, passwords in iCloud Keychain, location data in Apple Map or Google Maps, various documents in iCloud Drive or Google Drive, mails and messages and a lot more. Dedicated forensic tools help investigators, examiners and security officers perform cloud forensics with ease and expertise.

Health and Activity Evidence

29 January, 2020

Fitbit and other health trackers: obtaining important evidence you probably did not think about. Find out how smartphones and trackers collect and store health data, and how to obtain health information.

Software and Technologies: Password Cracking and Encrypted Data Access, Mobile Forensics, Cloud Forensics

13 November, 2019

Our digital forensic solutions enable experts to gain access to password-protected, locked and encrypted information contained in a range of mobile devices and cloud services, stored in crypto containers or encrypted archives. The company’s parented hardware-accelerated products can break passwords protecting files in a variety of formats, including encryption used in BitLocker, FileVault 2, PGP Disk and TrueCrypt successors' containers.

Data acquisition from iOS devices. New approaches and possibilities.

5 March, 2020

Extracting evidence from a seized iPhone: Using the latest exploits and innovative methods. Collecting data from latest iOS devices without jailbreaking them is possible. The new approach uses an extraction agent that installs onto iOS device. Compared with the traditional mobile forensic method using jailbreak, the use of agent allows us to perform the full file system extraction and decrypt the keychain without the risks and footprint associated with third-party jailbreaks. Details in the presentation.

Breaking Health Clouds

1 December, 2019

The amount of data collected by health trackers is amazing: from step count and heart rate to running and walking distances with exact timestamps and lots of geolocation data. Some of it goes directly to Apple Health and then to Apple iCloud, while other manufacturers (Samsung or FitBit) keep data in their own clouds. Something goes to Google Fit. Apart from privacy issues, think of how much data can serve as essential evidence during investigations.

The iPhone's Forensic Workflow: The Steps to Access Critical Evidence

6 November, 2019

Latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system actively resist forensic efforts by disabling the less secure biometric identification (Touch ID or Face ID) and blocking USB connectivity after a short period of time. Many of these restrictions can be effectively bypassed with proper timing and the right technique.


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