New versions of Proactive Password Auditor and Advanced EFS Data Recovery have been released.

New features in Proactive Password Auditor 1.70 include full UNICODE compliance, allowing the program to work with user names and passwords in all of the Asian languages; and Rainbow Attack for NTLM as well as LM authentication, allowing you to create pre-computed hash tables that dramatically reduce the amount of time required to find most passwords. Besides, new version is now able to work on machines with DEP (Data Execution Prevention) feature enabled, and supports Windows Vista. The other improvements are:

  • Program options can be password-protected.

  • Pre-computed hash tables now can be generated and used for Rainbow attack not only for LM, but also for NTLM hashes.

  • 'Users passwords' report is now fully customizable (what fields to include).

  • Added an ability to show/hide user account properties, or change their order, saving the state between program sessions.

  • LM hash and NT hash fields have been added to the main window (and can be also saved in report).

  • Lots of another minor improvements and fixes.

Advanced EFS Data Recovery 3.10 has the following new features:
  • The program is full UNICODE compliant now.

  • Multilingual user interface has been added.

  • Added an ability to search (for encrypted files) the given folder only.

  • 'Select encrypted' option has been added to 'File tree' tab.

  • Personal keys encrypted with DES algorithms are now supported.

  • 'EFS related files' representation is now more informative.

  • New folder can be created on the disk where decrypted files are saved.

  • Lots of another minor improvements and fixes.