Nouvelles D'Elcomsoft

9 July, 2024

iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.60 enhances agent-based low-level extraction in Linux and Windows editions

Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.60 brings significant advances to agent-based low-level extractions, aligning the capabilities of the Windows and Linux editions with the macOS version. This new update makes it possible to sideload and sign the extraction agent onto an iOS/iPadOS device from a Windows or Linux PC using a regular, non-developer Apple ID, a feature previously exclusive to the Mac edition.

6 June, 2024

ElcomSoft Phone Breaker 10.14: faster, better, more convenient

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 10.14 is an important update. This version switches to 64-bit code base, accelerating GPU-assisted attacks up to 30%, and adds support for all the newest iPhone and iPad models.

22 May, 2024

iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.56 expands support for iOS versions and devices

Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.56 makes an advance in checkm8-based bootloader-level extractions of certain Apple devices, now supporting iOS 7 on ARMv8 iPhones and iPads, and adding official support for iOS/iPadOS 16.7.8. In addition, the update can now cope with devices with an incorrect UDUD.

21 May, 2024

Elcomsoft System Recovery and Advanced Office Password Recovery updated

Elcomsoft Advanced Office Password Recovery 7.21 and Elcomsoft System Recovery 8.32 receive maintenance and bugfix updates. Elcomsoft System Recovery update resolves a SAM backup issue and adds the ability to specify compression level when creating E01 disk images, while Advanced Office Password Recovery gets support for the latest build of OneNote for Office 365 and brings GPU acceleration support for Intel ARC boards.

14 May, 2024

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 5.52 improves Signal and Telegram support

The latest update to Elcomsoft Phone Viewer packs multiple improvements, enhancing compatibility with Signal and Telegram data sets extracted from iOS devices via low-level extraction.

30 April, 2024

Passcode removal requirement dropped for most checkm8 extractions

Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.55 makes a significant advance in checkm8-based bootloader-level extractions of many Apple devices, now waiving the requirement to remove the screen lock passcode in a broad range of cases.

19 March, 2024

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 5.50 packs multiple compatibility improvements

The latest update to Elcomsoft Phone Viewer packs multiple improvements, enhancing compatibility with data sets extracted from iOS 16 and iOS 17 devices. In addition, the tool improves compatibility with iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max devices, as well as several recent iPad models.

15 March, 2024

Bootloader-level extraction for 16.7.6 and 15.8.2

Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.54 expands checkm8-based bootloader-level extraction of Apple mobile devices, adding support 16.7.6 and 15.8.2 to macOS and Linux editions of the tool, while adding full iOS 16 support in the Linux edition.

20 February, 2024

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery introduces resource management capabilities

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery 4.60 brings resource management capabilities, enabling multiple password recovery jobs to run in parallel within their allocated computational resources. The new feature allows running several password recovery jobs at the same time and is a game changer for multi-user environments.

1 February, 2024

Enhanced support for legacy devices

Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.53 enhances support for legacy Apple devices, adding the ability to mount HFS images in Windows. In addition, the update brings multiple fixes in HFS extractions and general reliability enhancements.